Right > Riches

Are we willing to do what is right, even at the expense of our business?

It seems to be in vogue to treat your employees with dignity and empower them to create, contribute, and collaborate. And this empowerment will result in a more flourishing business.

The economist would say to treat people and the planet right the extent to which you get a return and it puts money on your bottomline.

The karmic capitalist says that when we treat our people and planet right, profit will follow. And it often does.

But what about doing the right thing, for the mere sake of doing the right thing?

What if we slowed down to discern the ‘most right’ thing, and shifted our framework of making decisions to be about something other than ourselves/businesses/bank accounts?

Many times, doing the right thing works.

The way the triune God designed business, works. Designed to be an engine of redemption and restoration – to be an engine of “expression, connection, freedom and purpose” as Jonathan Fields puts it.

We’re seeing that it works. Look at the Warbys the Zapposes and the Joi de Vivres of the world and you see it working. Do right = company prospers.

But what about when it doesn’t ‘work’? 

What if doing the right things – the hard things – fails*?

What if the right things do NOT result in the abundant riches and worldly successes we hope for? What then?

It’s messy I know. There’s shareholders, and co-founders, and mother-in-laws, and a billion other constituents that share a stake in the successes and failures of businesses. There may not be a clear answer, but there is a clear call to action:

We (The Church, God’s People) must be prepared to support the leaders / the owners / the entrepreneurs / and the artists who choose to do the right things the right way and are rewarded with mockery, layoff, and ruin.

We as a community must position and ready ourselves to gives the decision-makers the freedom to choose right and know we’ve got their back – emotionally, spiritually, FINANCIALLY.

From a community perspective – pray we are ready. There are many great business leaders/owners who need to know that we support them to do the hard work of being Jesus to the business world.

And as change-makers, artists, and entrepreneurs – pray we are like Daniel and his cronies. Ready to seek the peace and prosperity of the land in which we are exiled, yet be completely unwavering in our commitment and devotion to the Lord. Whether that brings promotion and riches (like it did Daniel) or bring flame and teeth (also like it didDaniel and his buds).


*”Failure,” that is, by the world’s standards.


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