Publicly posting goals is for two reasons:

1. It’s scary putting it all out there, and doing what scares you usually leads to growth.

2. Increased accountability and opportunity for help in achieving these goals.

If you think you can help me achieve one of these in particular or I can help you in any way, hit me up, yo!

2014-2015 Goals

I want to be more:

Edifying and positive with my words because “words become worlds”

GOAL: I encourage one person/week. [WEEKLY]

Task: Set calendar alert for every Tuesday morning.

GOAL: I consistently do my daily habits and Morning Routine everyday – specifically affirmations and prayer. [DAILY]

Disciplined with my time and habits because its small incremental actions that lead to right relationships and overall success.

GOAL: I adhere to daily planning each morning (including all goal areas) as part of my Morning Routine. [DAILY]

Empathetic, compassionate, patient, and gracious because it will make me a more Christ-like man and leader.

GOAL: I prioritize people over productivity by ask others how they are doing every morning and take the time to stop and truly listen. [DAILY]

Bigger, stronger, faster.

GOAL: I go to the gym at least 2x/week.

GOAL: I adhere to the bulletproof eating chart and slow-carb methodology as best as I can. (This is accomplished by not sacrificing our diet for the sake of not spending.) [DAILY]

I want to develop more:

A deeper relationship with the Author of Life.

GOAL: I pray and meditate on scripture every day. [DAILY]

Financial freedom because debt is enslaving and unbiblical, and I want to be able to give, save, and enjoy God’s gift of money to us.

GOAL: I quickly create a side revenue stream earning $500+/mo by August 2015

Task: Publish Fundraising book to kindle book store by August 30, 2014

Task: Create fundraising info product (above ebook + video lessons + bonuses) and generate 10 initial sales by September 30, 2014.

Task: Publish second and third book by October 30, 2014.

Task: The Beach Shirt to Amazon with by August 30, 2014.

GOAL: We net $12K at 2014 golf outing fundraiser (netted $14.4k)

GOAL: We max out our IRA

GOAL:  We pay debt down over $4k or more by end of 2014.

Task: Track forgone purchases and put towards debt at end of every week/month using note app on iPhone.

GOAL: Craigslist all superfluous stuff during time in Ohio – winter 2014.

GOAL: Set up call sheet and schedule to make calls every Thursday. [WEEKLY]

Flexibility and pre-habilitation health because that is how my body will stay healthy and balanced and recover faster as I get older.

GOAL: I stretch and/or foam roll at least 2-3 days/week (on days I don’t do my NWUC) as part of my morning routine.

Marketing and strategic networking savvy because it’s a keystone success skill.

GOAL: I market my blog content like a mo’ fo’

GOAL: I quickly and thoroughly read Think & Grow Rich and the 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing by December 2014

GOAL: I schedule one “Power lunch” or mentor talk every week. Make new connections and seek to help.

Spanish fluency because it is the lynchpin for my success in almost every area of life here.

GOAL: I daily listen to Pimsleur tapes and accomplish Spanish III by December 25, 2014

GOAL: Talking buddy each week.

TASK: Identify, ask, and schedule talking buddy.

GOAL: I easily memorize the top 55 essential verbs

TASK: I make 55 notecards of these verbs.

GOAL: I diligently attend and do all homework for the October Students Int’l spanish institute

Ultra-positive mindset because it will help me see opportunity in obstacles, attract healthy relationships, and is biblical (Phil 4:8)

GOAL: Daily gratitude journal (either at night or morning) and prayer.

More healthy, deep and meaningful relationships because that is the key to happiness and development.

GOAL: Dinner Club calendar – two night/month, then select people and intentionally engage them.

I want to get better at:

Consistently waking early for my morning routine and planning my days for success, because successful people get up early.

GOAL: Buy a white board to put up calendar and checklist.

GOAL: Buy GTD book and read

GOAL: I get 7+ hours per night. (This means heading fast to bed no later than 10pm).

Loving and serving my wife because my marriage is the most important relationship this side of heaven.

GOAL: Watch Night Out with Joe and Karen

GOAL: We listen to Mosaic Bootcamp or other sermon every week.

GOAL: I cook breakfast at least 3 days a week and cook dinner 1 night a week

TASK: Schedule in dinner cook time into cal 

GOAL: Buying her flowers twice a month

TASK: schedule into cal.

Controlling my emotions because they make wonderful slaves, but horrible masters.

GOAL: When find myself getting angry/frustrated/emotional I stop and take deep breaths and rationally think about my emotions.

Intentional friendships both here and in US because that’s what Jesus did and that is how I will continue to sharpen myself and others.

GOAL: I set up Master Mind Savage Session key peer every Monday morning.

GOAL: Accountability Shalom & Granola Session with peer every week.

I want to spend more time:

Dating my wife and praying with her because it’s key to our healthy marriage.

GOAL: Date nights, damn it!

GOAL: Read Meaning of Marriage by end of 2014

GOAL: Finish Love & Respect by end of 2014

Engaging with, and pouring into, our students and neighbors.

GOAL: Bi-monthly scheduled dinners with staff/neighbors

GOAL: Bi-monthly scheduled grill-outs

GOAL: Become a YL volunteer leader

In structured creative thought and writing because I enjoy it, it helps me refine and crystalize my thoughts and beliefs, and will help me build an audience.

GOAL: Step 1 – Decide and set up blog design by July 1, 2014

Step 2 – Create About Me page, Welcome page/post (with schedule), and product pages

Step 3 – I spend 3 months creating content for the blog BEFORE I launch as a reserve content by August 2014

Step 4 – buy custom url

Step 5 – decide more formal blog name

GOAL: I diligently and strictly write and publish one post per week (because the difference b/n amateurs and pros are that pros do it on a schedule, amateurs do it whenever they feel like it).

GOAL: I write 500+ words per day. About the foundation of faith in every area of life, mis*adventures and life lessons, development, “throwing lots of darts and see what sticks”…

Random + Misc. Goals

GOAL: Learn photoshop in a weekend

GOAL: Do detox or “Daniel fast” 10 days.

GOAL: I save $2/day towards 5 year anniversary trip

GOAL: Attend an epic conference in the 2014/205 year

GOAL: Use SW points to go somewhere pimp – Canlis restaurant in Seattle?

GOAL: Plan epic Guys Biz Retreat.

Enduring traits, truths, and affirmations:

I chose to love God with all my heart, mind, and spirit (Matt. 22: 37-39).

I joyfully choose to love, pursue, cherish, and nourish my wife.

I love and consider others above and before myself (Matt. 22: 37-39, Eph. 2, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar)

I am powerful, productive and peaceful.

I am responsible for and in control of my emotions.

I engage in meaningful work.

*Cred to Scott Britton for introducing me to his goal setting framework from which I’ve adapted to create my goals above.

There are some personal goals that have been left off the list. Gotta keep some cards close to the chest.  ;)


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