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8 Strategies to Better Dance with Fear

Dancing with fear. As I’ve written about before, this is arguably one of the top attributes an entrepreneur or catalyst business person must master to continue pushing the envelope and making meaningful change in their career (and the world). Fear- like all other emotion – makes a wonderful slave but a horrible master. Only when we can control it (or at the very least – dance with it) does it become a powerful tool in our personal and professional development tool belt. Over the past month I’ve been leading our tribe through Seth Godin’s Kryptonite Course titled Go: How to Overcome Fear, Pick Yourself, & Start a Project that Matters.

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8 Tactics & Strategies to Dance with Fear & Produce Art

In session #1, after an intense discussion about fear and the role it plays in producing art (read: meaningful work in our businesses and lives), we generated a list of tactics and strategies we’ve all used to dance with fear and produce our art. Here’s our short list and remember – success doesn’t come from tactics, it comes from mindset… (more…)